Sounds Of The Dance: EON Records Launch

On March 1st, A-Future (FKA Adam Shelton) launches his new imprint EON Records at The Pickle Factory, celebrating all things electro underneath our wooden beams. The label will be an output for broadcasting a new wave of predominantly electro, leftfield and ambient sounds, and the line-up for the party reflects this vision with Reesdale Rise and Alex Jann performing live, plus DJ sets from a very special guest of Cultivated Electronics fame, Kirsti and of course A-Future.

Ahead of the party, each artist has kindly shared two of their favourite electro warpers with us. The rules: one old classic, one more recent track that's really caught their attention.

Very Special Guest (Cultivated Electronics)

90's Electro at it's finest. Still one of my favourite ever tracks. Excellent raw synths, banging drums with killer vocals rolling on a groove that keeps the club moving.

Rough new school electro styles from one of my fave new producers!!

Reedale Rise

I bought the Transmat compilation CD called Time : Space in the late 90s, which opens with this track. It's a stunning, slippery smooth ride that just rolls and rolls with layers of classy Detroit deepness.

Everything he touches is gold; this is no exception with muscular bass and drifting pads it strikes a beautiful balance between light and dark.

Alex Jann

Totally encapsulates how I see production, and a total inspiration to me. Late night laboratory experimentation with off-world synths and trip-hazard beats.

Future classic for me. Really respect Animistic Beliefs’ output, especially as their live set is so tight. Full Drexcyian pads and mind altering arpeggiated leads. What’s not to love about this?


Electro and rave collide - something i reach for a lot it's absolute killer classic from DMX Krew's Breakin label. You could play a whole set of PB's tracks at this high BPM - his stuff on Militant Science was an absolute treasure trove I think the fastest he ever went was 190bpm.

YouTube's showing the whole EP so I'll take that - real gem here and he's done a follow up to this recently which is just divine as well. Really warm bass and heady feeling to the tracks, I think it brings in some nice influences to the mix and I've had some amazing results on the dancefloor playing it out.


This started a love for the darker side of music for me, after getting in to the classic party electro from the mid to late 80’s although from that time,this stood out massively to me, a real statement and still does.

Scanone responsible for so much amazing music over the years and analogical force at the top for me when it comes to pure quality electro and breaks this track has everything I’m looking for in modern electronic music.