The Many Faces of Uwe Schmidt

Few producers can lay claim to such a diverse array of projects as Uwe Schmidt. Whilst the breadth of his work may recall fellow Germans Robert Henke and Mark Ernestus, in terms of its sheer scope, not to mention sly irreverence and oddball humour, Schmidt's ouevre stands alone. From the chiming tropicalia of his Señor Coconut alias, reworking classics as far reaching as Kraftwerk and The Doors from his home in Chile, to the psychedelic swing of his Lisa Carbon project, Uwe's work is nothing if not unpredictable.

Uwe is best known for his dance music productions: his acidic Phresh Phantasy project, hypnotic house as Atom Heart, and brutal collaborations with Tobias on Ostgut Ton.

On 1st June, Uwe comes to the Pickle Factory, to perform live under his most famous guise, Atom TM. Specialising in a blend of deep, propulsive, trippy techno, Atom TM plays regularly at Japan's Labyrinth festival and Berghain, but never before in the UK - until now. Ahead of this truly special evening, we have compiled some of Uwe's most interesting and esoteric material. From straight up floorfillers, to his more eccentric work, these are the many faces of Uwe Schmidt.

Atom TM - Ground Loop 2 [The Bunker New York]

In this mammoth 10-minute acid explosion, released on New York's The Bunker, Schmidt showcases his full capability as a monstrous warehouse techno producer.

Atom Heart - I See You More Than You Do [Our Choice]

Lush, clean production values on this loopy mid-90s techno make this timeless track as fresh as ever.

Atom TM & Tobias - Physik E7532 [Ostgut Ton]

Capturing the essence of Berlin techno in this thundering piece for Ostgut Ton, Schmidt collaborates with long-time friend Tobias Freund, the founder of Non Standard Productions.

Phresh Phantasy - Come On [Logistic Records]

Schmidt showcases his irreverent side with the fake compilation, Acid Evolution 1988-2003. Comprised of 16 false monikers, all of which he is responsible for, the concept album is a satirical tracking of acid house history, at the same time issuing some hard-hitting 303 wobbles .

Geeze n' Gosh - Soul of Mine [Nille Plateux]

Schmidt paves the way for the likes of Romare with his self-described ‘electrogospel.’ Drawing influence from deep house staples and traditional gospel works, Schmidt’s restrained and minimal style as Geeze N’ Gosh on his album My Life With Jesus, is one of a kind.

Lisa Carbon - Dibadudu [Quartermass]

Taking even stranger turns, Schmidt's obscure Lisa Carbon album toys with Latin American rhythms. Produced from the comfort of his adopted Chilean home, the project plays with a quirky, downtempo funk reminiscent of early Jan Jelinek.

Señor Coconut - El Baile Aleman [Emperor Norton]

Last but not least, we have Uwe's infamous electro latino project. Looking towards the pop music Hall of Fame, Schmidt as Señor Coconut reworks a number contemporary classics, from Sade to The Doors. This collection would not be complete without a mention of Uwe's tribute album, devoted to Kraftwerk.

Join us on 1st June for a truly special evening with Atom TM Live, Gwenan and Pascal at the Pickle Factory.