Making Contact With Interdimensional Transmissions

On 11th May, The Pickle Factory welcomes a debut UK showcase from Detroit's most vital techno collective - Interdimensional Transmissions. Formed two decades ago, the Motor City label is the brainchild of founder Brendan M. Gillden, aka BMG. Guided by the mantra 'Techno for Detroit, Not for Export,' the label affectionately known as IT and its in-house party No Way Back have become the torchbearers of Detroit's legendary techno & electro scene.

Alongside BMG, the label is run by fellow Detroit native Erika Sherman - and they also perform live together as revered electro duo, Ectomorph. Erika and BMG will both be joining us on the 11th, accompanied by one of No Way Back's leading residents, Patrick Russell. A true DJs DJ, the Midwestern veteran is revered for his fluid mixing style and impeccable record collection.

We sat down with IT founders Erika and BMG ahead of next week's party, to take us through some of the tracks that inspired, and have come to define their label. From early Juan Atkins to some UR and Planet E classics, these selections are Detroit through and through.

Can you pick out two tracks that inspired the inception of IT?

Philius - Untitled B1 - pH - [Sähkö Recordings]

"Pure inspiring sleek audio hypnosis from the Arctic Circle"

Drexciya - Aquatic Bata Particles - [Submerge]

"Hearing this in regular rotation on Detroit's radio mix shows in the early 90s was electrifying and inspiring. No genres, just what makes you move and feel is all that matters."

A Track that captures the vibe of your No Way Back parties?

Blake Baxter - When A Thought Become U - [Underground Resistance]

"Transcendent heat from this forgotten UR record..."

One work of ‘psychedelic wizardy’ that you’d love to sign to IT?

DJ Who - Give A Little More (Mike Parker Remix) - [Ellum]

"This one combines pure sonic techno with acid house sleaze in such a timeless way."

An overlooked IT classic that deserves more play time?

Perspects - Gimme Panic - [Interdimensional Transmissions]

"A lost classic by a synth genius"

A new release you’re sure to hear played a lot at DEMF this year?

BMG & Derek Plaslaiko - A1 Sonic Rendezvous - [Interdimensional Transmissions]

"A modular drum take on the no way back sound, referencing lost Detroit Rock from the 70s by SRB (which included members of MC5 & The Stooges)."

A textbook Patrick Russell banger that you love hearing him play out live?

Life After Mutation - Hostile Bacteria [Hardwax]

"Patrick plays this slowed down, a rare record from 1992 from one of detroit’s greatest synth geniuses on rob hood’s hardwax label, a long forgotten sublabel of UR

An Ectomorph track that you both enjoy playing out in sets?

Ectomorph - Slither [Interdimensional Transmissions]

"I like to imagine this song is about the birth of a planet, you can see life just walking out of the ocean and fog in the primordial swamp. A subconscious reaction to Mika Vainio's Sahko 5 B1"

And finally, a track from each that capture what it means to you to to be from Detroit?

Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind [Deep Space Records]

BMG: "Paranoia strikes deep... This is like the folk music of Detroit, people still hustle to the B-side. This is a record born from the decaying ashes that offers a dream of the future, meeting with the knowledge of covert operations and the what Psyops does to people - the dark side of progress. “If you do what you’re taught - blame it on thought control"

Psyche - Neurotic Behaviour [Planet E]

Erika: "All the beauty and the tension of Detroit music. I prefer this beatless original version, one my all time faves."

Join us on 11th May to catch some of the Motor City's most vital talents in action for just £7.50. We promise you, this is not one to be missed.