In Conversation: Boddika and Tasha

On Saturday 7th April, Neighbourhood celebrate their 8th year in the game with a party at The Pickle Factory. With support from Dasha Rush, the night will be headlined by none other than Boddika. The UK stalwart has defied convention since the late nineties, with productions influenced by DnB, Detroit electro, techno and more.

For this edition of our 'In Conversation' series, Boddika sat down with Neighbourhood's founder and resident Tasha who, alongside running the party, also holds a reputation as a fierce techno DJ and as a key presenter on Radar Radio.

Tasha: Your wicked release 'Broken Wave' on Ed Davenport's label, Counterchange is your first since Severed Seven on Sunklo, absolutely love it, different, deeper and darker sound. How do you feel your sound has evolved since your last release? What's your vision with your own releases? What's coming next?

Boddika: Over the past few years I’ve found myself mainly listening to more intelligent, slightly challenging techno/ electronic music, and lots of ambient music by people like Thomas Koner, Kassel Jaeger. This has naturally influenced me and my productions and I’m enjoying trying to find a balance between headphone listening and the club. Im hoping to release an EP (or 2) after the summer and before the end of the year, I feel things are really coming together for me again in the studio after a bit of a hiatus. Ive also had Paleman in the studio with me one the past year or so, we’ve been writing and enjoying the time in there. Watch this space...

T: Can you talk a bit about your history and the importance of that, with regards to your career and where you are today?

B: Starting as Instra:mental and working through to my solo work as Boddika and then my collaborative work, kept me very busy on the road. After around a decade of non stop travelling I kinda felt I needed a break, this is part of the reason I’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple of years. Looking back at this point in time at all the music I’ve written and been involved with is really nice to do, those tracks are moments in time and all provoke some kind of nostalgia for me, I love that.

T: We've had several conversations about the importance of "earning your stripes!" It applies to anything we do in life, right? Why do you feel this?

B: I guess I’m not the kind of guy who would feel happy cutting corners, I see a lot of that these days and personally, I would not be happy with myself. If I was in a successful position that I didn’t feel I warranted (through hard studio work and my own productions) I wouldn’t like that.

T: I've known you for over 10 years now, I remember you approaching me at one of my parties at Plastic People and said that it was the sort of party you wanted to play at when you started taking bookings as Instra:Mental. Why was that? I booked Instra:mental but also booked you for a Neighbourhood party at Plastic People 7 years ago. How did it live up to your expectations? What is your perception of what Neighbourhood is about? What can we expect on 7th April?

B: I like playing good club parties, you can’t beat it, I did then, and I still do now. Plastic People is one of those legendary clubs that most people know about, I was lucky enough to play there quite a few times as Boddika and Instra:mental. As far as Neighbourhood goes, I see it as a very open minded club night full of musically like minded people. I shall be playing some rolling deep banging techno on the 7th and I’m very much looking forward to it.

These days, most of Boddika's time is spent focused on his label, Nonplus Records. With releases ranging from Burial to Joy Orbison, Four Tet to Kassem Mosse, the label is a cornerstone for new and established artists of the highest quality. Ahead of his show, we also asked him to pick out some of the tracks that have defined the label’s eclectic history.

Three releases that inspired the inception of Nonplus.

Drexciya - Neptunes Lair

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Three releases that define the label.

Instra:mental - Watching You

Kassem Mosse - Hi Res

Michal Wolski - New World EP

One slept on Nonplus release that deserves to see more play time.

Inland - Wayfinder EP

Two Nonplus artists we should be paying attention to this year.

Michal Wolski and Myself

One track you wish was on Nonplus.

Lucy & Rrose - Peeling

Neighbourhood celebrate 8 years in the game this Saturday down at The Pickle Factory. Final release tickets are still available, though we expect them to sell out in advance.