Record Shopping With Terry Farley

Ahead of his set this Saturday with the I Love Acid party crew, we caught up with JBO founder and UK house staple Terry Farley, who took us through his selections from Phonica Records and Love Vinyl.

Farley will be bringing his selections to the Pickle Factory to give away to a lucky dancer this weekend. Grab one of the few remaining tickets here.

Austin Ato - Song for Mr Lewis (Phonica)

I actually purchased this for the B side ‘Morning.’ An intense bass bottom drives a heavy spoken word track with some great Rhodes keyboard licks. The lead track features a Black preacher spreading truth while great keys (think Lonnie Liston Smith) again sit upon a bass line in the same jacking vein as ‘ Morning’. My fave record of the moment by a mile.

Hackney Vandal Patrol - 'Bound by Faith' (White Label)

Stunning and beautifully intense, this ‘murky’ groove comes courtesy of Scott Fraser & Richard Sen, two Londoners who know how to build a track. This reminds me of Ralph Falcon and Oscar G’s early stuff, which is right up my street. It’s no mean feat to make music that reaches that level. I believe Jessie Jackson supplies the vocal that sits perfectly over a wicked bassline. This reminds me to get out Mission Control’s ‘Outta Limits’ (in my all time top ten house tracks) - they would work a treat together.

Manuel Darquart - 'Birds Of Paradiso' (Child’s Play)

Out for a few months now, this track lays its influences out on the table - Underground Resistance and early Irma. The drop when the NY keys drop in is as cool as it is cheesy and it's refreshing to hear young producers (Kiwis apparently) not being scared of having a bit of fun in what can at times be a very serious genre.

Control Remote - 'Fragment of a Sermon' (H.O.P.E.D)

This low-slung house with gospel call and response samples (very Parrish/ Moodymann) is my fave track on a great EP (Hoped 002). There’s a really nice edit of Al Hudson for the Disco crew on the flip side as well as the filtered and intense ‘give my luv’, one of those ‘more Bangs for ya bucks’ turnouts.

Modaji - Headwork EP - (Love Vinyl)

Another VFM 12”. I’ve skipped the two A-side tracks that are perfectly good ‘soulful’ style house, but they really ain’t where my heads at these days. The gems for me are the fantastic ‘Lisa at the Party’ - great vocals compliment a 90’s style NY track (think Nu Groove) with electro stylings (I kept thinking of the Yellow Magic Orchestra - which really is a good thing). Rumours are Andrew Weatherall dropped this at 6am at P-Bar recently, that could well be true or just great sales spin from the record shop guys, but I really didn’t need any arm twisting to buy this beauty. One that has legs and could go the whole summer.

Donnie Tempo - System On EP (More About Music)

Repress of a fantastic Acid track from a while back. The thing is with truly outstanding Acid, it never dates and this could have been made 30 years ago or tomorrow. Its probably as ‘hard’ as my tastes get but while it’s intense and has a kick that will rattle your soul its still one of those Acid tracks that makes crowds dance from the hips, in fact its sexy as hell in its own way.

Joe Claussell feat. Daymé Arocena - Yambú (Sacred Rhythm Mix) (Brownswood Recordings)

A big Gilles Peterson spin, this is JC at his best. Top draw African percussion with some great musicians hitting the heights on bass, keyboard and sax wise, with Daymé really bringing the heat with the vocal performance . It has a fantastic middle section where it drops to a male vocalist and the groove has room to breathe at a slower pace, then it’s back into the main event with a trumpet player taking centre stage. This really is a beautiful genre-busting track that any DJ with a love of music will cane.