Sounds Of The Dance: Mumdance Shared Meaning Launch Party

Mumdance is a producer and DJ who refuses to be pigeonholed. Since the turn of the decade, he's approached electronic music in a distinctive fashion that refuses to neatly fit into categorisation. This approach is reflected in his 'Shared Meanings' mix and accompanying compilation; 32 100% unreleased & exclusive tracks released on digital, vinyl and cassette.

It's also represented in the line-up he's curated here at Oval Space for next Friday's Shared Meanings Launch Party. Below, Jack waxes lyrical on the crop of artists he's picked to help him commemorate the occasion, as excellent as they are personal to his own artistic development.

I just wanted to say off the bat, that this is pretty much a DREAM lineup for me, in terms of flow, balance of sounds and the sheer fact that Im a huge fanboy of every act involved. I couldn’t be happier to introduce the artists playing at the Shared Meanings launch party on 23rd November.

Speedy J

Jochem & I just produced an EP together, which is dropping in the week before the party. Ive been a big fan of his work for years so it was amazing to visit his studio in Rotterdam and jam on the very same 909 which made his anthem “Pullover” Im looking forward to giving the tracks we made a workout on the Oval sound-system. There is also talk of maybe a bit of b2b action too, we shall see.

Doc Scott

Doc Scott has been very influential to both myself & Logos (and Pinch) both as a DJ and a producer, he is a master of his craft and I am very proud to welcome him to the Shared Meanings launch party. I've been going to see Doc Scott play for the past 15 years or so and I don't think Ive been disappointed once.

DJ Storm

Kemistry and Storm were the first DJ's I ever saw play when I was 12/13 years old. It makes me really happy that all these years later Storm is a essentially a resident of Different Circles & a good mate too. I'm really looking forward to hearing how this b2b with Doc Scott will go.


I'm a huge fan of Gerald Donald & the Drexciyan legacy, so its great to be able to welcome Dopplereffekt to the Shared Meanings Launch. I played alongside them recently at Berghain & their show is hypnotic & amazing - I'm looking forward to hearing their brand new EP through the Oval sound-system.

Lee Gamble

Lee is a top notch & very unique DJ and producer - I feel like we have a lot of similar ideas and musical influences. It's always a pleasure and an education to see him play. This b2b we did a couple years back on Rinse still resonates today as one of my favourites


Logos & I run Different Circles together. He is one of my best mates & main influences, I'm even godfather to his wonderful daughter. His album “Cold Mission” is the blueprint for the weightless sound & an incredibly important recording in the timeline of UK electronic music. Logos also excels as a DJ & will be debuting some brand new music off a soon to be announced project….

Mumdance's Shared Meaning Launch Party is on the 23rd of November. Final release tickets for the party are running low - grab one here.