A Musical History of Machine, with Kirk Degiorgio

Come the 9th of February Oval Space Music team up with Machine, Ben Sims and Kirk Degiorgio's curated event series, to bring East London a bill of unparalleled techno artists past, present and future. Ahead of the party, which features Sims playing a rare b2b with Berlin-based Sigha, James Ruskin, Regis and of course Degiorgio, we asked Kirk to pick out some tracks that have soundtracked Machine's illustrious history.

Three tracks that inspired the inception of Machine

The early days of Machine were heavily influenced by the emergence of a heavier, faster style of modern techno that had evolved after a decade of slower bpms and sparse production. Favoured tracks took their cue from the classic elements within techno history, but with its eye firmly on the cutting edge of production.

Ben Sims - I Wanna Go Back [Drumcode]

An early mainstay of Machine sets was host Ben Sims album “Smoke & Mirrors” - particularly its hybrid classic/modernist anthem featuring Blake Baxter..

J-T Kyrke - Shape [ART Records]

An artist that epitomises the collision of classic rave warehouse energy with modern sensibilities is ART artist J-T Kyrke. Hailing from Birmingham this underground producer never fails to come up with dance floor bombs that jack and hammer in the Machine style.

Kirk Degiorgio - Dark Fire [Machine]

Although originally known for more melodic techno - my backlog of heavy productions harking back to my hard techno moniker Future/Past were building up to a point where Machine became a perfect vehicle to express this side of my taste. Some of the productions eventually saw the light of day on the Machine label. The emergence of a dark acid influenced sound is apparent in this track:

Three tracks that are Machine ‘classics’

Machine famously focusses on new and forthcoming tracks, so the concept of a Machine classic is not really applicable. However, there have been exceptional tracks which manage to feature heavily within the confines of ‘nothing more than a year old’, such as:

Clouds - Chained To A Dead Camel (Sosak Remix) [Overlee Assembly]

The original and Perc remixes are both stompers, but its the Sosak remix with its bizarre, time-bending breakdown that epitomises the sound of Machine. Influences of rough and ready rave merge with cutting-edge production for surefire mayhem once the beats kick back in.

DJ Surgeles - 28000 Light Years (Jeroen Search Remix 2) [Nasty Temper]

As Machine hosts, myself and Ben Sims have contrasting but complementary styles. Both of us are dynamic, impact DJ’s with Sims' multi-deck setup and my digital approach. Sims has a legendary jacking element to his sets whilst I tend towards building a wall of sound. A track which merges both of these styles is this Jeroen Search’s remix of DJ Surgeles. Always guaranteed to push the mixer into the reds with hits crunchy distortion.

DJ3000 - Take Me Away (Truncate Remix) [Motech]

Machine regular Truncate features often in Machine sets with his remixes - his style another perfect match of the best in traditional jacking influenced rhythms and modern sound production techniques. With its vocal snippets and driving, enveloping backdrop - this one became a mainstay at Machine events.

Two tracks which are significant markers of change within Machine’s history

Ben Sims - Rawhide [Machine]

The trend towards larger events including festival stages at ADE and cavernous venues such as Berghain and Fabric is neatly reflected in this Sims pounder with its huge reverb and driving rhythm. Machine events also benefitted from a vast improvement in the sound quality at techno events across the board.

Tadeo - The Globular Ray [Token]

This perfectly demonstrates the influence of the more sound designed, soundscape, cerebral direction many techno tracks followed as Machine developed. Tadeo is a master at combining those elements with a heavy club focus.

Two future classics of Machine

Modeus - I Make Rise [True Type]

So popular that I had to go old school at our recent Machine event in London and play it twice in the same set. Another track that takes its cue from dirty old rave vibes but matches it with a modern production that makes it perfect for Machine dancefloors.

J-T Kyrke - Caustic [ART]

Due for release this Spring after a year of road testing at Machine, this Kyrke track is possibly his finest most radius yet. Heavy distorted acid riffs and banging snares galore…

*Like the sounds? Make sure you don't miss the party come the 9th of Feb. Final release tickets can be found here - https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1046130*