Record Shopping with Asquith

This Friday, The Pickle Factory hosts a showcase from label of the moment Lobster Theremin, inviting production wünderkind Route 8, a live performance from Ozel AB, recent Lobster signing Blair Sound Design, and label boss Asquith to make their Pickle debuts.

Ahead of the show, we asked Lobster-in-Chief Asquith to take us record shopping in Melbourne during his recent Australian tour. He'll be giving away 10x records at the show. In Asquith's own words:

"The first day I arrived in Melbourne for the Lobster Australia Tour I decided to pop down to a few record stores to have a gander. The first one I came across was Wax Museum, situated literally in an underground city subway next to hair salons and pounds stores. A lovely little spot with plenty of second hand and killer select new bits. I ended up pulling out A LOT of 80's and piano house but there was so much incredible stuff.*

*I then went on to The Searchers where I was confronted by a massive doggo-wolf-puppy that had 8-inch thick fur and kept cuddling customers and then pissed on the floor. I fully caught the shop owners eye and giggled. Kinda surprised they even served me any records after that. I did pick up some ace new release titles here though."

Wax Museum

Joanna Law - Love Is Not Enough

What an epic record. Soulful and balearic-tinged beauty. The 'Mix L'ambiance' is the choice version here. Definitely going to be ending the lighter sets I play with this one.

Positive Cause - Clap To This!

This isn't even on Youtube but you can pick up a copy for 50p on Discogs so go grip. Chuntering acid, cheesy piano vibes and a pretty cheap 'n' cheerful designed centre label.

Subject - The Magic, The Moment

Real nice disco with touches of italo and 80's synth. Lovely live keyboards and sorcery behind the mixing desk.

Turntable Orch - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Lush 80's piano house with that proper Chicago jack sprinkled with some latin flavour. A nice sunny Sunday daytime cut. Just add mojitos and mateys.

Total Control - Didn't I Show You Love

Essentially if a record isn't on Youtube it's doesn't exist does it? Wrong! This is an absolute joyful slayer that's gonna get cosy in the bag. £2 is an absolute bargain.

Hipsters - Remember

As well as the design and name of this artist/record being amazing, this is also a tidy slab of super solid 80's house with corridor-reverberating, wailing vocals. One to get real loose to. And it has a cyber-synth meets trumpet middle eight(!)

Gray Matter - Don't Look Back

Real groovy Chicago meets NYC bizz. Hedonistic catwalk meets Croatian boat party kind stuff. Think that sums it up pretty succinctly.

The Searchers

Happy Meals - Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony (Volumes IV - VI)

Best ambient & modular album of the year. Hands down. What a fantastic and enlightening achievement this is. If Happy Meals is listening, I'll be emailing you soon m8.

Tambo's House - Tambo's House

Might be the best new dance record out this year. Super melodic, uplifting electro with some naughty wavy vocals in there and FX-section mustering. Such an exciting release, loads of ideas executed in a very considered fashion.

DSX & Sid Lamar - 90 Degrees

What even is this! Power duo 707 & future acid punk band madness. Would be a great soundtrack for alley chases or late night mainframe hacking.

Poligam - Poligam

Superb new wave industrial electronics album from Poligam. Reissued by the super talented Florian Stoffelbauer of Neubau & Discus Throwers in Vienna. This is a lovely rerelease through a new sublabel. Dark moody vibes and serious cover art.

DUO J&J - Karlskrona Byalag Trivselkväll

A new Börft is always exciting but this is an especially strong release for them. Duo J&J mixing up various hardware modules to cobble together a bizarre and off-kilter 12". A-side is awkward chord play and OTT string patches, B-side is jerky acid club fodder for the snake-pit >:)

Asquith headlines a Lobster Theremin showcase at The Pickle Factory this Friday.